Welcome to my planet!

I’m Mai Tran, I’m from Vietnam. My hometown is Ninh Binh – one of the outstanding attractions in Vietnam with breath-taking nature. In 2015, I moved to Hanoi- the capital city of Vietnam to pursue my Bachelor degree in Business Administration and am currently working in the travel industry here.



Travelling – Travelling absolutely influences me in a positive way. I was born a shy and unconfident girl, however, thanks to all the people I’ve met, all the unexpected changes in plan and all the new cultures learnt during my travel experiences, I become much more open to new things, confident and independent.

Mederka Square - Kuala Lumpur

My very first destination of my life was Italy. Thanks to Erasmus Mundus, I got an exchange scholarship for 6 months in Italy in 2018. Thus, I got the opportunity to visit 7 different countries in Europe which are Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Germany. Then coming back to Vietnam, I realized that Oh! I have been to so many places BUT… not any in Asia, especially Vietnam, NOT AT ALL. Thus, I started to make my plan and as a local Asian, I can not wait to share my experience and tips when travelling in Asia.

Reading about cultures – I love to know about different cultures, especially in Asian countries such as Vietnam, China, Japan, Malaysia, etc. Personally, I believe that understanding the destination’s culture helps fulfill my travelling experience and make me feel connected with the place. Thus, I often read books or research about culture and am currently a volunteer in Friend of Vietnam Heritage (FVH) – an NGO which aims to educate to expats in Hanoi about its culture.

Learning languages –I love to talk with my customers in their own languages, it shortens the invisible distance of cultural difference. Up to now, I can speak 4 languages: Vietnamese, English, Chinese (basic) and Spanish (beginner). On the other hand, when I travel, I always try to learn basic sentences to communicate. Well, at least, some basic things that a 7-year-old can easily do like hello, thank you, goodbye.

And you? Do you have the same or different hobbies? Please share with me in the comment section or connect me through my social networks. It’s very nice to have a new friend. And if you visit Vietnam, do not hesitate to contact me. If my time is available, I would probably accompany you someday!