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How hard is the Ha Giang Loop? Is it safe to drive in Ha Giang Loop? [2024 updated]


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“Don’t go to Ha Giang Loop, it’s too dangerous for female travellers, bla bla” – my friend kept telling me so when I asked him for his experience driving in the Ha Giang Loop.

Like other people, I was also easily influenced by those sayings. I and my friends even thought of another destination just a few days before the trip. However, eventually, we still decided to challenge ourselves and went for it.

On the 1st  day, I was quite confident.

On the 2nd day, I totally jumped out of my skin!!

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1. How is the road in Ha Giang?

The Ha Giang Loop is not an ideal destination for amateur drivers, as driving here can be a true nightmare. Almost the entire Ha Giang Loop consists of narrow, winding mountain roads with a countless number of blind corners. Moreover, these roads are all carved into sheer mountain slopes, which can make your blood run cold when looking down.

Given this level of difficulty, accidents can happen at any time if you’re not attentive while driving in the Ha Giang Loop. During my road trip, I witnessed a serious crash between a car and a motorbike, presumably involving a male traveler. From that moment, I found myself praying for a safe trip until I returned to Hanoi.

However, don’t become too obsessed with the potential risks and forget about the picture-postcard scenery that Ha Giang offers.

Fortunately, the concrete roads in the Ha Giang Loop are in quite good condition, with safety crash barriers installed at the side of the road to reduce the risk of accidents (except for the remote places). Therefore, there haven’t been many accidents in Ha Giang in recent years.

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is ha giang loop dangerous

2. What are the most dangerous roads in Ha Giang?

Overall, the main 4C road of the Ha Giang Loop is paved, making it easy to drive.

However, if you want to explore places off the main road (Du Gia, Lung Cu Flag Tower, Lo Lo Chai village, etc), expect a higher level of difficulty. The roads can be muddy, very narrow, or extremely steep. 

During my Ha Giang road trip, the scariest road I drove through was the Ta Lang Pass, the path leading to the Nho Que ferry station (in the past). The road is extremely steep, curvy with numerous blind turns, lacks crash barriers, and is exceptionally narrow (just enough for two bikes to pass). I kept praying fervently along the entire route to the ferry station. Fortunately, nowadays, there is a new Nho Que ferry station that is easier to reach, so you don’t necessarily need to drive along the Ta Lang Pass (unless you want to).

The second most challenging road I encountered in Ha Giang is the Skywalk in Ma Pi Leng which is also very narrow. However, nowadays, you are not allowed to drive on the skywalk. Instead, you can rent a local motorbike taxi service (about 50,000 VND/person) or walk for about 30 minutes.

Source: Khach san Meo Vac

3. Can I drive to Ha Giang alone?

If you are male, it’s definitely possible.

If you are female, it’s the same!

However, bear in mind that the road is long, and it’s always better to have a companion who can take over the driving when you get exhausted halfway, right?

According to my experience, after 3 days of driving, even though my friend and I switched after 1 or 2 hours of driving, it was still very tiring. My back, elbow, knee, neck, etc., all hurt.

If you don’t want to drive, consider joining a motorbike tour with easy riders. Here are some motorbike tours to Ha Giang Loop that you can consider: 

Motorbike tour 3D2N (small group with easy riders)

 Small Group tour With Easy Riders 3 Days + Private Room

4. Drive in Ha Giang Loop – safety tips

Don’t drive when it’s dark, early morning, or raining

Given its narrow road with many sharp turns, it’s not recommended to drive in the Ha Giang loop after sunset and before sunrise, as your vision will be blocked. Moreover, after rain, the Ha Giang road will be very slippery, and there is a high possibility of a landslide, which is very dangerous.

is ha giang loop dangerous
Ha Giang after raining

Wear knee and elbow braces

To be honest, I didn’t wear them for the whole road trip. But I do recommend unskillful drivers to put them on to ensure the safest condition. Most rental shops will provide them for free when you rent their motorbike along with free water, a raincoat, and a rubber band.

Be careful with local drivers

Local people are familiar with this winding road and they seem don’t care much about other vehicles. Thus, honk when reaching blind corners to warn people from the opposite direction about your present, and remember to drive on the side.

Drive carefully and slowly

If you are not a skillful driver, drive carefully in the Ha Giang Loop, especially when you meet a blind turn.

Fill up your fuel tank whenever you see a petrol station

When reaching a populated town, you can find some petrol stations. However, once you drive in the Ha Giang Loop, you rarely see one. Thus, fill your tank whenever you see a petrol station.

Check the brake carefully

The Ha Giang Loop is steep; therefore, the brake is very important to hold your motorbike back when riding downhill. Thus, when renting the motorbike, check the brake carefully.

Additionally, don’t rent automatic scooters; instead, choose a semi-automatic or manual motorbike to be safe. I used a semi-automatic scooter during my Ha Giang road trip because it’s easier to drive.

Consider joining a motorbike tour

Motorbike tours with easy riders are excellent options for those who are scared of driving in the Ha Giang Loop but still want to experience it. Check out the tours below:


After reading this post, would you change your mind or still wanna conquer the majestic natural beauty of Ha Giang Loop

Share your thoughts in the comment box.

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