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2024 Review Lanno Valley in Ipoh: ticket price & things to do


Lanno Valley is a relatively new attraction in Ipoh that offers several cool activities and tranquil natural surroundings. 

I visited this attraction with my family at noon. Although it was really hot, the experience was quite satisfying. 

In this post, I’ll review my experience visiting Lanno Valley, including ticket prices and things to do there.

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1. Overview

  • Address: Gunung Lanno MY Perak Ipoh Kampung Kepayang Unnamed Road 1, 31350
  • Opening hours: 9 AM – 6 PM
  • Parking: Free


2. Ticket Price to Lanno Valley

The entrance ticket to Lanno Valley is as follows:

  • Adult: RM 5
  • Kid/Senior: RM 3


  • Adult: RM 10
  • Kid/Senior: RM 6

 ➡ Note: This is just the entrance ticket to visit the cave and explore the attraction. In Lanno Valley, there are additional activities that you can participate in for an extra fee. I will provide details in the next section.

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3. Things to Do in Lanno Valley

Exploring the Cave

We spent 10 mins visiting the cave

There is a cave in Lanno Valley that you can explore. It’s quite beautiful and special, with narrow walkways. Some parts are very short (around 160 cm), and some parts are very tall. 

While walking along the cave, I saw a tiny bat flying around, but I had no idea where its nest was. It takes around 10 minutes to complete the cave walk and take some pictures.

Fee: No extra fee

Challenge Yourself with Flying Fox

Yup, that’s me… 😀

The attraction also provides the flying fox experience for visitors at an extra cost of RM 15/person. I summoned all my courage to try this and it was no regret. 

To take the ride, you have to walk to the boat dock. Then the staff will help you wear the safety harness. After that, one of them will lead you all the way to the station. You have to climb the mountain (requires some jumping as well) to reach there. 

The ride takes roughly 30 seconds –  quite short compared to other places. I was scared at first, but it became enjoyable after a while.

Fee: RM 15/person

Take a Boat Ride around the Lake

Boat ride at Lanno Valley

Another thing to do in Lanno Valley is taking a boat ride around the lake. It was noon, so sunny when I got there, so I didn’t take it. But I took a picture above so you can imagine what it’s like.

Besides, I also noticed that they offer kayaking at the same price as the boat ride.

Fee: RM 15/person

Feed the Fish

They like fish-feeding haha

This is my aunt’s favorite activity in Lanno Valley haha. There are some tables and chairs to rest in the fish-feeding place. Although it was noon, the place was really cool and windy.

Fee: RM 2 for 1 box, RM 5 for 3 boxes 

(My aunt bought 3 boxes =)))

Snap Photos

In Lanno Valley, you can also take beautiful pictures of the mountains, lakes, and caves. It’s a quite beautiful hidden gem in Ipoh that is currently not crowded with tourists. Thus, you can take as many pictures as you want without interrupting other tourists.

Other things to do in Lanno Valley:

  • Enjoy the view at the on-site cafe
  • Feed the duck
  • Abseiling the mountain: It costs RM 15 per person. I didn’t try this, but I believe it should be a short adventure. 
  • Besides all these activities, they are planning to offer other activities in the future, such as rock climbing, a 400-meter flying fox, and a survival village. I will come back to this place after a year to update information about it.

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4. How to Go to Lanno Valley?

There is no public bus running to Lanno Valley, so you need to drive or take a Grab car. It’s a 30-minute drive from Ipoh Old Town to this place. 

The road from the main street to Lanno Valley is not paved, but the ride is okay. There are signboards all along the way, so you just follow them to reach the attraction.

5. My Review of Lanno Valley

Overall, my experience at Lanno Valley was okay. The activity I liked the most was the flying fox and fish feeding. 

This place is relatively new, and there were not so many activities to do, but they are expanding the place and offering more activities in the future. 

If you want to visit Lanno Valley, it’s better to avoid noon time as it gets very hot and that will affect your experience. 

The staff in Lanno Valley were pretty friendly to me, especially the ticketing lady. 

So this is my review of Lanno Valley in Ipoh, hope it’s helpful to you. If you have any other questions, feel free to comment down below. Thanks for reading!


FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much is the entrance fee to Lanno Valley?

Adult: RM 5

Kids and senior citizens: RM 3




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