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2024 Review Gunung Lang Recreational Park in Ipoh: ticket price & activities


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Only 6 kilometers away from Ipoh Old Town, Gunung Lang Recreational Park is a good place for a budget-friendly getaway. 

We visited this place during the weekend, and there were not so many tourists there. Was my trip enjoyable? Hmm, yes and no.

In this post, I will review my visit to Gunung Lang Recreational Park and share some of my personal thoughts about the place.

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1. Overview of Gunung Lang Recreational Park

the view from the lookout tower

  • Address: Jalan Damai, 30100 Ipoh, Perak
  • Distance from Ipoh Old Town: 6 km (10-minute drive)
  • Opening hours: daily, 8:30 – 18:00
  • Tel: 05-208 3333

2. Ticket price for Gunung Lang Recreational Park

Gunung Lang Recreational Park is free to visit. 

However, you will need to take a boat to reach the park. The return trip boat ride’s ticket price is as below:

  • Adult: 3RM
  • Children (3-12 years old): 1.5 RM
  • Senior (above 55 years old): 1.5RM

3. Activities in Gunung Lang Recreational Park

Enjoy the boat ride

Boat ride at Gunung Lang Recreational Park

Although the boat ride lasts only 5 minutes, it is my favorite thing to do in this park. The boat journey takes you through picturesque limestone karsts and lush greenery, with the water appearing green and remarkably clean.

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Visit the traditional Malay houses

Traditional house

There are several traditional houses in the park. You can go inside to take pictures or bring some food to have a picnic inside the house.

Climb up to the lookout towers 

Lookout tower (older one)
the view from the lookout tower

There are 2 lookout towers in the park. One is at the end (older), and the other is near the jetty (newer). I guess the view from the newer tower is nicer as it faces the lake.

We climbed up to the highest floor of the older tower. It was not tiring at all. From there, we saw the view of the whole park. However, it is quite run down, with a lot of bird droppings on the stairs and some trash on the first floor. 

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Visit the mini zoo

Mini zoo

You can also visit the mini zoo, which houses animals such as a hedgehog, horses, buffalos, and deer. A lot of monkeys live in this area as well, but most of them climb in the trees. Maybe some food would attract them to the ground.

My impression of this zoo is that the hedgehog appeared quite sad during our visit, and it seems like the animals are not being well taken care of.

Feed the fish

The lake has plenty of giant fish (I guess they are around 10 kg), and you can feed them with your own food.

Play at the playground

Children play ground

You can also let your kids play at the children’s playground near the jetty.

Ride around the park

They also offer a bike rental service, but I think it’s unnecessary as the park is pretty small and does not require much walking.


4. Best hotels near Gunung Lang Recreational Park

I have researched some hotels in this area and here are 3 great options that got minimum 8/10 review scores on Booking.com:

1969 Business Suites @ Ipoh Garden

  • Price: 190RM/night
  • Review score: 8.4/10
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M Roof Hotel & Residences

  • Price: 220RM/night
  • Review score: 8.1/10
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WEIL Hotel Ipoh

  • Price: 400RM/night
  • Review score: 8.1/10
  • Link to book: Click here

5. Other attractions near the park

Pavilion Petting Zoo

This zoo is located just on the way to Gunung Lang Recreational Park. It’s much bigger and has more animals to see.

The entrance fee is also affordable as below:

  • Foreigners: 10 RM
  • Malaysians: 6 RM
  • Infants/Senior/ Disabled citizens: Free

Loong Thow Ngam Temple

We just happened to come across this Taoism temple on our way back to Ipoh Old Town from Gunung Lang Recreational Park. It looks quite stunning from the outside.

The main place of worship is located on the left side. Here, you can meet a master who has been residing here since birth. He was very friendly and informative, guiding us around the cave. He also taught us how to create sounds from a ceramic pot filled with water. Quite interesting!


Overall, this place is good for a budget trip in Ipoh. The boat ride through the lake is definitely the highlight, offering beautiful views of the limestone karsts and greenery.

However, there aren’t many things to do in Gunung Lang Recreational Park and the place is not well-maintained. 

The total visiting time would be around 1-hour maximum unless you want to bring food and have a picnic in the park. 


Is Gunung Lang Recreational Park pet-friendly?

No, it’s not. Pets are prohibited from entering the park




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