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[2023] What to do in Kuala Selangor? REVIEW D’tour package (Blue tears, Sky mirror, Eagle feeding, Fireflies)


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Only 70 kilometers from the hustle and bustle city of Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Selangor is perfect for a getaway trip during the weekend. The town offers a lot of fascinating natural phenomena that will blow your mind on your first visit such as blue tears, sky mirrors, etc.

This post will be the ultimate Kuala Selangor travel guide including how to transport from Kuala Lumpur, what to do in Kuala Selangor, how to book a tour package (Blue tears, Sky mirror, Eagle feeding, Fireflies), and my feedback about D’tour company.

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Kuala Selangor icon – nearby Bukit Malawati

1. How to travel to Kuala Selangor from Kuala Lumpur?

Kuala Selangor is located northwest of Selangor, Malaysia, at the estuary of the Selangor River. To travel to Kuala Selangor from Kuala Lumpur, you can go by car, by bus, or by tour.

By car

Car is the most convenient means of transport if you want to travel to Kuala Selangor from KL.

The reason is that grab is not available in Kuala Selangor town, thus, it’s very hard to get around the town if you don’t have your own car. In addition, you can only see fireflies and blue tears in the evening (the tour ends at 8 pm), if you want to go back to KL right after that, then driving your car is always the best option. Otherwise, you have to stay in Kuala Selangor for a night.

For car rental, you can go to SOCAR, a car rental app, which offers a pretty cheap price and is very reliable in Malaysia.

By bus

If you have more time to explore, then you can consider a bus.

From KL, you catch bus No.100 operated by Selangor Omnibus which departs from HAB Lebuh Pudu (Pudu Street bus hub). It will take around 2 hours to reach Kuala Selangor.

Be noticed that buses take a longer time, have low frequency, and do not run at night.

By tour

To be honest, transportation is a huge concern for non-local Malaysians as public transportation is not convenient in Kuala Selangor. Thus, it’s a good choice to join a tour, especially for foreigners. There is a tour that includes a round-trip transfer from & to Kuala Lumpur City Center, admission to blue tears, sky mirror, eagle feeding, fireflies, and Sekinchan (all are optional). Here is the link to book this tour: Kuala Selangor tour from Kuala Lumpur.

2. What to do in Kuala Selangor?


Planning what to do in Kuala Selangor? Here below, I will share my itinerary for 2 days 1 night in Kuala Selangor.

Day 1: Sky mirror, Eagle feeding, fireflies, blue tears

We booked a boat tour package from D’tour company which includes all these activities. Here you can see the itinerary of the package.

Schedule for 4in1 Combo day tour.

  • Sky Mirror: Time gather 10.00am. Time departure 10.15am Trip 3.00 hours
  • ATV Experience: Time gather 1.30pm
  • Eagle: Open hours 4.00pm to 6.30pm Trip 30 minutes
  • Fireflies+Blue Tears: Time gather 7.15pm. Trip 1 hour 15 minutes

Around 8.45 pm will finish the tour.

Sky mirror

Sky mirror – Kuala Selangor

Sky mirror is a seabed that has a mirror-like reflection of the sky when exposed during low tide. It lasts for only 3-4 hours and a few days per month. Therefore, when you book a sky mirror tour, the tour operator will provide you with different timings and dates to choose from.

To see the sky mirror, the only way to go is by speedboat. It takes around 30 minutes to drive from the Kuala Selangor jetty. Departure time is around 10 am – 11 am.

Ticket price: 70RM/adult

Book online via this link: click here

Eagle feeding

what-to-do-in-kuala-selangor- eagles-feeding
Sunset scene – eagles feeding tour in Kuala Selangor

In Kuala Selangor, you can witness red-backed sea eagles in Pasir Penambang – near the estuary of the Selangor River. There will be around 30 eagles flying around, together with a flock of small birds. The scene is spectacular, especially during sunset. DO NOT MISS this exciting activity when travelling to Kuala Selangor.

Ticket price: RM20/adult

Book online via this link: click here

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When the sky is dark, fireflies start to glow along the banks of the Selangor River in order to find mates. There are thousands of fireflies flying around which produce a fascinating scene in the dark.

Kampung Kuantan Firefly Park in Kuala Selangor is known as the largest firefly colony in the world. Therefore, it is a must-visit attraction when you travel to Kuala Selangor.

Ticket price: RM20/adult

Book online via this link: click here.

Blue tears

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Blue tears is a natural nighttime phenomenon caused by a glowing microscopic creature called Dinoflagellates. Normally, you will find blue tears across the seashore, but in Kuala Selangor, you can witness it on a speedboat in the estuary of the Selangor River.

The best time to see blue tears in Kuala Selangor is on the first 3 days of the lunar month. It is said that during these days, dark sky and high tide can make it clearer to see blue tears.

Ticket price: RM20/adult

Book online via this link: Click here.


Day 2: Bukit Malawati – feed monkeys and visit Kuala Selangor District Historical Museum.

Bukit Malawati was a hill that houses the remains of the Kota Malawati fort, a lighthouse and the Selangor Historical museum.

The fort was founded by Sultan Ibrahim in the late 1700s, but it was captured by the Dutch and renamed Fort Altingburg. In the 1800s, it was devastated during the Selangor Civil War.

In 1794, the Dutch built a lighthouse and named it Altingsburgh.

Kuala Selangor District Historical Museum

Kuala Selangor District Historical Museum was originally an Official Residence of the Kuala Selangor District Office. The museum tells the history of Kuala Selangor since its establishment with 7 sections displaying all the relics and pictures in the past.

In addition, visitors also come to Bukit Malawati to see the silvered leaf monkeys and long-tailed macaques. You can buy food (such as peanuts) to feed them as well.

Note: during weekdays, you can drive your own car to the hill. But at weekend, it’s not allowed, you will need to take a tram instead. The Tram ticket is RM5/adult and RM3/child. The ticket counter is at the gate.

3. How to book the Kuala Selangor tour?

You can book either 1 single activity or the whole package. There are different packages offered too, but I highly recommend you to book the full package including sky mirror, Eagle feeding, fireflies, and blue tears (normally, 5 minutes ATV for free is included in this package).

You can book it in 3 ways:

Book directly with a tour operator online

You can find trustworthy tour operators’ contact and book with them in advance.

For me, I saw an ad of D’tour and message them on Whatsapp. They gave us the jetty’s address and itinerary of the tour. Once we arrived at the jetty, we showed them the booking and get the ticket (I will give more feedback about D’tour in the next part).

Book at the point

When I reached Kuala Selangor, I also saw a lot of signboards advertising those tours as well. Basically, you can just book directly with them. However, it’s not suggested during holidays or peak seasons.

Book online via Klook

Klook is a reliable online travel agent which offers good prices for customers. When comparing the price on Klook and the one provided by the tour operator, I saw that some tours are cheaper, some are a little more expensive, but the difference is not much.

Below are some trustworthy tour packages offered in Klook:

  • Eagle Feeding, Fireflies, Blue Tears: link to book
  • Sky mirror: link to book
  • Kuala Selangor tour from Kuala Lumpur (Eagle Feeding, Fireflies, Blue Tears, Sky mirror, and Sekinchan): link to book

4. My feedback on D’tour package

kuala-selangor-sky-mirror-package- D'tour
D’tour office

In general, I feel like most of the operators in Kuala Selangor offered the same service, same quality, and same price. As long as the company is reliable, you can go ahead and book with them.

Specifically, here is some of my feedback about D’tour company:

  • Price: the whole package (sky mirror, Eagle feeding, fireflies, blue tears, ATV) costs RM130/adult and RM100/child. This is an average price compared to other operators.
  • Timing: they provided us with a schedule, but the real departure time was late 15-20mins for all activities. We always came earlier and had to wait at the jetty for quite a long time. It was boring because there are nothing else to do at the jetty as well. Waste of time.
  • Experience: the boat is old and a little bit dirty. But it’s fine because the tour is cheap. So I get what I pay for.
  • Inclusion: they provide a life jacket and light snacks after visiting the sky mirror.

5. What to bring when traveling to Kuala Selangor?

Mosquitos spray

Be noticed that when you see fireflies, the boat will come closer to the bush and there are a lot of mosquitos there. So do prepare insect spray.


Sunscreen is essential when you visit the sky mirror. It’s quite hot and sunny there, especially at noontime.


If you don’t want to make your shoes dirty, then bring a flip-flop, especially when visiting the sky mirror.

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6. Is Kuala Selangor worth visiting?


Though it’s just a small town, Kuala Selangor offers a lot of natural phenomena which will definitely amaze you.

In addition, traveling to Kuala Selangor is very cheap as well. We spent around RM300/person for 2 days 1 night including the tour package, food, hotel, etc.

Therefore, there is no reason to skip this fascinating hidden destination when you came to Malaysia.

Above is my ultimate Kuala Selangor travel guide including what to do in Kuala Selangor, how to book tours (Blue tears, Sky mirror, Eagle feeding, fireflies), how to transport from Kuala Lumpur, etc. Hope this post is helpful for you.

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