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16 Awesome places for a short getaway from KL in Selangor and other areas [2024 updated]


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Too bored with Kuala Lumpur and want to explore new places nearby?

You are at the right place.

Having been an expat residing in KL for over 2 years, I’ve uncovered a lot of fantastic places for a short getaway from KL.

In this post, I will share with you  16 ideas for a great weekend getaway from Kuala Lumpur in Selangor and other areas that I have visited.

Read until the end to get more ideas for your bucket list.

Best short getaway from KL in Selangor

1. Kuala Selangor

Only less than a 2-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Selangor is the best destination for a short getaway from KL in Selangor.

In this fishing village, you will have the chance to witness mesmerizing natural phenomena such as blue tears, sky mirrors, fireflies, and beautiful sunset views during eagle feeding activity. 

The only way to join these activities is to book a boat tour and here below are some reliable and cheap tour packages:

In addition, if you are a big fan of seafood, then there are tons of fresh seafood restaurants in Kuala Selangor. I have tried a few of them and highly recommend Sin Hai Ping restaurant. In this restaurant, I had crab porridge for only RM55, cheaper and fresher compared to the other place.

For more details, you can read my post: KL to Kuala Selangor trip review

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2. Pulau Ketam

Colorful houses on the island

Pulau Ketam (which means “Crab Island”) is a small island located off the coast of Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. To me, it looks like Venice (Italy) at some angles because of its beautifully painted houses and turquoise waters.

Besides, Pulau Ketam is also renowned for its seafood. There is a whole heap of seafood restaurants in the local market (but the price is a little high).

To see detailed reviews about Pulau Ketam, you can watch the video above or read my post: Pulau Ketam day trip: ferry price, famous food, things to do

3. Sekinchan


Another ideal destination for a weekend getaway from Kuala Lumpur is Sekinchan – a hidden gem located approximately 100 km away from KL.

Sekinchan is known among tourists for its lush green stretches of paddy fields. Taking captivating photos with the backdrop of lush green fields and a blue sky is undoubtedly one of the best things to do here.

Furthermore, Sekinchan boasts a charming wishing tree as an additional attraction. Visitors have the opportunity to write their wishes on a red ribbon and attempt to toss it as high as they can onto the tree, with the hope that their wishes will be granted.

My Sekinchan trip review: Read this post


4. Kranching waterfall

Kranching waterfall

If you are looking for a natural short getaway from KL in Selangor, consider Kranching Waterfall – a great place for hiking or a BBQ.

There are 7 cascades of waterfalls. You can either hike to the top level or just stop at the 1st or 2nd level and prepare BBQ there.

Be noticed that the hiking trail in Kranching Waterfall is at a medium level of difficulty. From level 1st to level 5th is pretty easy, it starts to be more slippery and harder from level 6th.

For me, I only reached level 6th because it took me a few hours and I was pretty hungry and tired at that time.

Additionally, I observed that many people bring food for a BBQ at the base of the waterfall. It appears to be a fun and relaxing experience to have a BBQ next to a waterfall

Entrance ticket: RM5/ foreigners, RM3/ local

5. Bukit Tinggi

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Bukit Tinggi, also known as Berjaya Hills, is a great idea for a short getaway from KL as well.

In Bukit Tinggi, you can explore the colorful French Village and the tranquil Japanese Village. Besides, you can also join some adventurous activities in Colmar Adventure Park. Other places to visit in Bukit Tinggi include the Botanical Garden and the Rabbit Farm.

6. Batu Caves

Batu Caves in Gombak

Batu Caves is a Hindu cave temple located in Gombak, Selangor. It is one of the most famous Hindu cave temples in the world which attracts a large number of devotees (mostly from India and Sri Lanka), especially during the Thaipusam festival in January or February.

Not only a religious place, Batu Caves is also a great place for Instagrammable photos with its colorful steps.

To come to Batu Caves, you can take a KTM train from KL Sentral. The journey takes around 30 minutes and costs RM13/2 ways.

 ➡ My detailed review of Batu Caves: Read this post

7. Tanjong Sepat

If you are a foodie, come to Tanjong Sepat for a food trip. There are many local dishes in this small town such as Seafood Bak Kut Teh, Mui Choy Pau, etc. That’s why many people visit Tanjong Sepat just for food.

For Seafood Bah Kut Teh, I highly recommend this local restaurant, the food here is top-notch!

weekend-getaway-in-selangor (2)
Seafood Bah Kut Teh restaurant in Tanjong Sepat

On the other hand, you can also visit some places of interest around the town such as Love Bridge, Mushroom Farm, Cheng Leng Keng temple, etc. It takes you only 1-2 hours to visit all of the attractions here as they are very close to each other.

Cheng Leng Keng temple in Tanjong Sepat

8. I City theme park

I City theme park at night

Known as the City of Digital Lights, I City will amaze you with colorful Led-lit, the biggest snow park in Malaysia, a large water park, a beautiful Ferris wheel, etc. The attraction is situated just about 18km away from KL, thus there is no reason not to add I City theme park to your bucket list for a weekend getaway in Selangor.

If you are planning to visit I City, it’s better to come in the evening. It’s time when all the lights are on and the theme park looks like a fairyland.

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9. Sunway Lagoon theme park

sunway-lagoon- weekend-getaway -in-selangor- best-place-to-visit
Sunway Lagoon theme park

Looking for a fun, exciting weekend getaway from Kuala Lumpur in Selangor? Sunway Lagoon is a great choice. It is a theme park located in Bandar Sunway, Subang Jaya. The whole park consists of 4 main sections: water park, extreme park, wildlife park, and amusement park. Each section offers different experiences and a myriad of exciting activities which would take you the whole day to discover all.

In addition, there is a huge shopping mall next to Sunway Lagoon theme park called Sunway Pyramid. Here you can spend hours shopping, trying different foods, playing ice skating, etc.

Buy tickets for Sunway Lagoon Theme Park at a cheaper price: Click here

10. Selangor River – Kuala Kubu Bharu

Rafting at Selangor River

Known as one of the best-grade rapids in Southeast Asia, the Selangor River (Sungai Selangor) is an amazing place for a white water rafting trip which is just a 1-hour drive from KL. This is a super thrilling and exciting activity to do either with family or friends.

To join the activity, you need to join a tour with a guide. Here is the link to book the tour: Click here. The tour includes snacks, lunch, a life jacket, and all the necessary stuff for a rafting journey.

11. Farm in the city

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If you are an animal lover, Farm in the City would be a perfect weekend getaway from Kuala Lumpur in Selangor for you. There are over 100 animal species ranging from pets (rabbits, guinea pigs, etc) to exotic animals (the world’s smallest horse, the world’s smallest fox – Fennec Fox, white peacock, etc).

Moreover, visitors can also visit the vegetable farm with more than 60 tropical fruit trees and rare flora.

With these provided, Farm in the City is an ideal place for families with kids to visit at the weekend where your kids can learn about animals and have fun at the same time.

And do check the weather before coming here, I came here on a rainy day and could not explore much of it.

Regarding the ticket, I bought the ticket directly at the entrance at RM58/foreigner & RM39/Mykad holder. Later on, I realized that online booking is cheaper by RM2-3… too late :(. Here is the link to book tickets online: Farm in the city ticket

12. Selangor Fruit Valley

Carambola Monument at SFV
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Another place for a short trip from KL is Selangor Fruit Valley.

This farm houses hundreds of species of plants including fruit trees, herbal plants, vegetables, and flower plants. In addition, they also raise some animals on the farm such as deer, rabbits, hedgehogs, etc.

Furthermore, if you want a more exciting experience, try a boat ride – that was the highlight of my trip. The driver was so skillful and made us almost want to cry (just kidding… it was veryyy funnn). The boat ride costs only RM35/5 people.

Read more: Review my trip to Selangor Fruit Valley SFV: ticket & activities

Places for a day trip from KL in other areas

13. Putrajaya

Putrajaya cruise


The federal territory of Putrajaya is surrounded by Selangor State and has been the administrative capital of the federal government since 1999.

Not only does Putrajaya house massive government buildings, but it also offers a wide range of activities and places of interest that can take visitors more than a day to discover all.

Here is the list of things to do in Putrajaya:

  • Enjoy the cruise tour around the Putrajaya Lake
  • Explore the Putrajaya Secret Garden at night
  • Take a 45-minute hot-air balloon ride
  • Visit the beautiful Putrajaya Mosque
  • Admire the Millennium Monument
  • Experience flyboard
  • Relax with stand-up paddling on the lake

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14. Malacca

du lich Malacca, Malaysia

Malacca (Melaka), a renowned trading port in Malaysia in the past, is situated to the south of Kuala Lumpur.

With a history dating back to the 15th century, Malacca is known for its well-preserved colonial architecture, including A Famosa, the Dutch Church, and the Stadhuys.

Additionally, the city boasts numerous colorful and Instagram-worthy attractions, including the Malacca Straits Mosque, Malacca’s 3D Street Art, and the Dutch Square, making it a favorite day trip destination from KL for many tourists.

Read more: Malacca travel guide: transportation, best things to do, how long to stay

15. Ipoh


Qing Xin Ling Village

Ipoh is a place for either food hunters, history lovers, or nature enthusiasts.

What I love most about Ipoh is probably the food. There are tons of delicacies in Ipoh, notably chicken bean spouts, salted chicken, tou fu fa, and dim sum.

Besides, with a history deeply rooted in the tin mining industry of the late 19th century, Ipoh boasts a unique blend of colonial architecture and contemporary urban developments. Some historical attractions in Ipoh that you can visit are the Ipoh railway station, Birch Memorial Clock Tower, and Han Chin Pet Soo Museum.

For nature lovers, this is your heaven. Don’t you know that Ipoh has over 30 cave temples to explore? In this kind of place, you can admire the beauty of the caves as well as the religious temple built inside the caves. 

 ➡ Read my posts about Ipoh:

👉 Wanna rent a car charter for a day trip to Ipoh? Contact me via WhatsApp at +60 149 776 712 for the best price 💸💸.

16. Port Dickson

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Our family visited Port Dickson once, and I was so surprised to discover that it has such beautiful beaches.

Port Dickson, or PD, is a coastal town located on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

What makes Port Dickson a favorite destination for a day trip from KL is its stunning beaches, including Pantai Teluk Kemang and Pantai Blue Lagoon, which offer excellent spots for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports. The Blue Lagoon, in particular, is famous for its calm and clear waters, perfect for snorkeling and swimming.

Furthermore, it offers loads of seafood restaurants and local delicacies, making it an ideal getaway for food lovers to savor fresh seafood dishes and local cuisine.

Above are 16 ideas for a short trip from KL in Selangor and other areas. How many of them are your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comment box. 

1. Where should I go for a short getaway from KL for couples?

I-City Theme Park would be an amazing option for a day trip from Kuala Lumpur for couples, thanks to its beautiful light displays, making it incredibly romantic at night.

2. Where to have a cheap and short getaway from KL?

One of the most budget-friendly options for a day trip from KL is Putrajaya. Putrajaya offers numerous free attractions, including the Putrajaya Mosque, Secret Garden, China-Malaysia Friendship Garden, and more. Additionally, you can enjoy a cruise around Putrajaya Lake for just 30RM per person.

3. Where can I go for a nature retreat near KL?

Consider visiting Kuala Selangor, where you can explore many natural attractions and phenomena, such as the Sky Mirror, fireflies, blue tears, or the opportunity to watch eagles during sunset.

Price for each activity is very affordable, starting from about 20RM/person.




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